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  • 1981- Young Professor Jajoo at village Jowar collection
  • Poverty: Labourer parents leave older sister home to mother the young one
  • Village children planting saplings
  • Professor Jajoo at village meet
  • Professor Jajoo at village bore-well installation
  • Community Prayer singing
  • Professor Jajoo with women Self Help Group
  • Cutting plantation for fodder and green manure
  • Dr. U N Jajoo was felicitated by Dr. Abdul Kalam

Our Inspiration

Ulhas Jajoo

Prof Ulhas Jajoo - one of those teachers who have elevated the practice of bedside medicine from the level of mundane clinical signs.

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What We Do


Community based health assurance , Women Empowerment, Spiritual Health, Dairy Development, Organic Farming, Clothing, Maternal Health

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Our Phiosophy

Impressionable teenagers, introduced to an unusual form of medical education incorporating gandhian principles in everyday medical training. Gandhiji’s life was his message and the principles he lived by were cherished. Gandhian philosophy was and is a part and parcel of the entire spectrum of life.


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"A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. - Mahatma Gandhi"