Shri Narayan Desai

Dr. Ulhas Jajoo  , a medical doctor by profession,   is known for swimming against the prevailing current.  An ordinary medical doctor, swims with the current, and has a  sense of fulfillment in his life solely by his material success. Some of these doctors do not feel ashamed by demanding exorbitant fees once the patient is on the operation table.

For them, their medical knowledge is just a means to earn their livelihood or to meet their ever increasing wants for enjoying the pleasures of life. It is difficult to say whether such doctors ever remember the Hippocratic Oath they have taken at the time of award of the degree once they left the convocation hall. But for Dr. Jajoo ,  his knowledge is a means to reach out to the hearts of the people by loving and serving them. In the process he also purifies his own inner life. By this manner, he seeks to devote his life fully to the vow of social service. Dr. Jajoo is in no  way indifferent to his family commitments. In fact, he is a  good and loving son, brother, husband and father as well. His family extends beyond his  blood relationships. He has been gradually expanding his filial feelings covering friends, students, neighbours, people of his region and also the entire country.  He is determined to expand his filial feelings to the entire universe.

Dr. Jajoo’s service is based on love and compassion. He not only cures the patients but he also tries to makes them knowledgeable, responsible and self reliant. In the process, he develops a friendly relationship with them..

Dr. Jajoo’s concern is not limited to a handful of patients. In fact his area of operation covers the entire society. He aspires to make the society disease free by inculcating in them a deep sense of comprehensive healthcare. His holistic approach to development transcends beyond traditional healthcare. In the course of his work, he has to fight with the entire system. It is indifference or lack of knowledge or vested interest of the system which is primarily responsible for the persistent scourge of diseases.

Dr. Jajoo has developed a kind of fascination for swimming against the current.   This lends strength and purity to society as well as to his own life.

narayanNarayan Desai
Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith
Ashram Road,  Ahmedabad