Alma Mater

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) (Hindi: महात्मा गाँधी आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान) is a rural medical college. In 1938, Dr Sushila Nayar (personal physician to Mahatma Gandhi), then a young medical graduate, came to Sevagram to meet her brother Pyarelal (Mahatma Gandhi's secretary) and thus, the seeds of a life long association with the Mahatma.

Badi Bahenji was highly influenced by Gandhi's ideology. In 1944, she started a small dispensary in the premises of the ashram at Sevagram and in 1945, a 15 bedded Kasturba Hospital was born. In 1969, she founded a medical college (MGIMS) on the Gandhian values of ‘sarvodaya’ with the aim of delivering holistic medical teaching within the heartland of India’s rural, agriculture based economy in Vidharbh. As of 2012, the hospital has 680 beds and is a flourishing multi speciality with state of art facilities.  In 2011/12, about half a million patients were seen at the hospital with over 40,000 in-patients admissions for the same.

MGIMS, in tandem with the spirit of its founder, continues to be committed to the pursuit of professional excellence whilst nurturing social conscience in medical students and trainee doctors. The integrated medical education offered at MGIMS is unique in that it seeks to inculcate the spirit of giving by providing accessible and affordable health care primarily to underprivileged rural communities. A visitor to our alma mater will observe that the institute not only treats illnesses but also promotes the physical, mental and social well- being of the rural, agrarian community it serves.

Since 1969, over 2000 qualified doctors have passed out of the august corridors of MGIMS. These alumni have a global spread encompassing India, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Africa and New Zealand. Following a life changing, inspirational 6+ years at MGIMS, alumni around the globe empathise with Vidarbha’s agrarian crisis and have supported a key initiative founded by Professor Ulhas Narayan Jajoo (Refer Jowar Health Assurance). Though physically removed from Gandhiji’s ashram and our alma mater, this link is our umbilical cord and a reminder of Gandhian values ignited within each alumnus.