Our Philosophy

A young mind is like an open window that allows different ideas and thoughts to flow in from all directions. As impressionable teenagers, we were introduced at MGIMS to an unusual form of medical education incorporating Gandhian principles in our everyday medical training. Gandhiji’s life was his message and the principles he lived by were cherished, nourished and followed religiously during our undergraduate and post graduate years at MGIMS. These include:
  • Wearing khadi
  • Doing regular shramdaan
  • Following vegetarianism
  • Following prohibition

Through the following activities, the institute’s core medical education also ensures that Gandhian philosophy is part and parcel of the entire training spectrum:

1. Medical orientation camp on joining MGIMS. During this camp, fresher medical students spend 15 days in Gandhiji’s Sevagram ashram for orientation to the Gandhian way of life (Ashram way of life) and participate in Gandhian activities like Shramdan and spinning khadi.

2. Three months into our first pre-clinical year, students from the fresher batch attend a 15 days Social Service camp and ‘adopt’ a village anywhere within Wardha. While camping in the adopted village along with senior staff from MGIMS, each student takes responsibility for some families in the village and becomes the health advocate as well as sign post for medical care. This association continues for 3 years, with a monthly once field trip. It is here that we are truly blessed. For, this camp and the ongoing relationship both ensure we experience and learn about ‘selfless and unconditional inclusion’, empathy and compassion for our rural counterparts and adopted families. This activity plays a major role in making us alumni think the way we do- holistic health care with service to the downtrodden- where ever and whenever.

3. Re-Orientation to Medical Education Camp (ROME) is a 15 days camp for final year medical students in a rural health training centre. Herein we hone the public health knowledge and skills we learned as students. By now, we are all set to complete our medical training and take on the world.