Towards Spiritual Health

The search for solutions…

In 1990 as Professor Jajoo and other team members looked for spiritual solutions, their attention was drawn to the state of Gujarat where the Swadhayay Parivar followed the philosophy of Kruti Bhakti. ‘We were looking for examples where we could witness an individual’s change of heart evolve into a culture of fraternity and sublimation with his fellow brethren’s.’

‘We had heard of the Swadhyay Pariwar inculcating serving attitude in the masses. In Ahmedabad and Vadodara districts of Gujarat there had been a palpable impact of from the Swadhyay movement. We went to the Swadhyayi communities, in rural areas, in urban slums and also among the city dwellers. We were seeking to understand fully the driving force that binds them all together and dictates encourages them to adopt the sacred path which they believed is the path of for their salvation.

Swadhyay literally means the study, knowledge, and discovery of the self. They believe that salvation can be attained by channelizing their inner faith and individual transformation into actions which bring about social change, thus offering a greater purpose to each one’s life.  They aim to harmonize the self with a network of relationships, of creating and maintaining vital connections between self, society, and God, thus knowing and enriching human action with sacredness.  Devotion, an integral part of the Swadhyay’s promotes communal good (Kruti Bhakti).

Dr Jajoo remembers reminisces still in awe on what he saw there and says “We witnessed thousands of self-disciplined devotees offering voluntary labour for social development activities. They are living examples of how devotion can be transformative and with self-learning can be turned into a social force. The important lesson from this visual spectacle we learnt was that the human mind evolves through vowful acts of faith and devotion.”