Towards Spiritual Health


1990- Realization that spiritual and cultural upliftment must precede economic growth
1990- Visit to the Swadhayay Parivar and Kruti Bhakti
1991- Concept revolving around singing of hymns and prayers started
1992- Narratives and discussion of social issues by virtuous men and women

Spiritual Health

Scope of the problem…

Prof. Jajoo noted ‘The removal of poverty without simultaneous cultural growth and emergence of money power, breeds immorality. We saw increasing economic prosperity among the villagers with the success of various programmes. However, economic prosperity came with its own set of ills.’

‘Affluence made people more selfish and greedy and monetary gains gave rise to quarrels, and encouraged unhealthy competition and social disintegration. Our initial hope that social development would be the logical corollary of empowerment achieved through economic upliftment was gravely misplaced. We noticed that monetary gains as a primary focus of progress saw people come together for self-serving personal interest and not as organizations of long-lasting social change.’

Drawing upon his experiential learning, Prof. Jajoo summarized ‘We realized that cultural development must precede economic upliftment to ensure any effective and long-lasting change. This was the true turning point of the philosophy of the Jowar Health Assurance scheme. A social fraternity which emanates from inter-dependence has to be created on a solid foundation of spirituality and moral well- being.