Justice Dharmadhikari

To speak on Professor Ulhas Jajoo, I need to go back in time and recapitulate my early life in Wardha, around 1936-1945. At that time, Wardha was the powerhouse of vision, thought and action for the entire nation, as Mahatma Gandhi chose to lead the Indian freedom struggle from there.

Prof. Manu Kothari

In 1909, Gandhiji penned Hind Swaraj on board a ship. A century hence, in 2009, Gandhiji’s work continues to have universal relevance that has diminished neither in purpose nor in impact – Prof. Ulhas Jajoo’s book is an encore of Hind Swaraj. The book is charged with core-truths which are applicable anywhere by anybody, sans any financial largesse. The widespread applicability of this pioneering work is only a matter of will, with results assured in many ways. Prof. Jajoo’s research and vision are both beyond the caprices of space, time, and statistics.

Shri Dhirubhai Mehta

To me, Ulhas is an unusual character, a doctor brave enough to think out of box, bold enough to practise what he believes, and determined enough to translate his ideas into reality.

The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had envisioned his list of priorities in almost all walks of life. Just two months before independence, Gandhi wrote (June 15, 1947) about his perception and vision for the medical profession. “I would like to know what the medical men and scientists are doing for our country. One finds them readily going to foreign lands to learn new modes of treating special diseases.

Shri Narayan Desai

Dr. Ulhas Jajoo  , a medical doctor by profession,   is known for swimming against the prevailing current.  An ordinary medical doctor, swims with the current, and has a  sense of fulfillment in his life solely by his material success. Some of these doctors do not feel ashamed by demanding exorbitant fees once the patient is on the operation table.