Our Region

Is Vidarbha. In Vidarbha is Sevagram – a sleepy little village that proved to be a game changer for all of us. This was the place where we shed the last vestiges of carefree childhood whilst growing into equally carefree albeit responsible young adults- eagerly waiting to take our place in the world generally and to make our mark in the wider medical world.

Our Philosophy

A young mind is like an open window that allows different ideas and thoughts to flow in from all directions. As impressionable teenagers, we were introduced at MGIMS to an unusual form of medical education incorporating Gandhian principles in our everyday medical training. Gandhiji’s life was his message and the principles he lived by were cherished, nourished and followed religiously during our undergraduate

Alumni Tie Knots

Alumni funded initiatives are largely delivered through Prof Ulhas Jajoo’s social initiative which is an excellent catalyst in a much needed sphere and ensures agrarian empowerment. Our interactions with many a village in Sevagram and Wardha during our medical training brought us face to face with Gandhiji’s vision of rural socio-economic