Ulhas Jajoo


Prof Ulhas Narayan Jajoo was born in 1951 in Wardha, Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. The seed to tread a path less known was sown in Prof Ulhas Jajoo early by none other than his paternal grandfather Shrikrishnadas Ji Jajoo.  After turning down the post of chief ministership of the erstwhile Central Province (currently Madhya Pradesh) and a cabinet post as the first finance minister of free India, his grandfather chose to function as a constructive grass root worker of Gandhian Movement in Wardha.


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Antyodaya through Sarvodaya - Transcending holistic rural health’.

This experiential journey started with health and evolved to issues beyond the realms of health, using ‘Samanvaya’- co-operation among all the various strata of society, as the core philosophy. In the process, embracing the ‘Antim Aadmi’ i.e. the last human being, without forgetting ‘Sarvodaya’ i.e. the betterment of the society, at large.